Sabre 1

Sabre 1


Brings high-speed office grade communications to your briefcase, anytime, anywhere.
It is a simple to use, sub-laptop sized, fully self-contained satellite terminal. With the easy-to-carry SABRE™ I in your travel kit, you are always in touch.

  • Simultaneous voice & data communications
  • Data rate up to 384 kbps
  • Built-in Ethernet and Analog Phone interfaces
  • Supports voice, email, messaging, VPN, FTP, VoIP, FoIP and video media streaming
  • Designed for non-technical user
    • Swiveled antenna mount facilitates easy pointing
    • Built-in menu driven graphical user interface for use without a laptop
    • Light weight, robust and reliable
    • Wide range of accessories to meet your needs
  • Wi-Fi supported (by 3rd party external wireless router)
  • Our Rating :

    5 Star Rating

Modem Specs


Weight  <1.65kg (3.63lb)
Dimensions  H 259mm(10.20in)
W 195mm (7.67in)
D 58mm (2.28in)

Interfaces RJ-45 Ethernet Port
RJ-11 Phone Port
Supported Profile: - Cordless handset
Serial Port

User Access  Via activated 3G Compatible sim card
User Interface BGAN Launchpad
Built in web interface
On-Terminal Audio and LCD Pointing aids

DC - Input 15-20 VDC
Power adapter & car charger

Battery Life
Typical use Transmit Time 1 hr continuous
transmission at data rate <=72kbps
receive:3 hrs when receiving only
Standby time: 36 hours

Operating temperature -20C to + 70C
Charging Temperature 0C to 45C
Operating humidity 95% non condensing @ +40C
Storage humidity 5 to 95%
Water & Dust IP54 (dust & spray

Supported Operating Systems
Operating System  Microsoft Wind 2000, XP
Mac OS 10.1 and above 
Redhat 9.0 and above

Data Capabilities
Ip data Background class service send:
Up to 240kbps over a shared channel
Receive: Up to 384 kbps
over a shared channel
Streaming ip Guaranteed quality of service
Send 32, 64kbps
Receive: 32, 64 Kbps

SMS 640 Characters Via web Interface

Voice Capabilities
Voice  4kbps
Supplementary Services Voicemail
Calling Forward
Call barring
Call waiting
Call holding



Deal Includes

Satellite Phones sales your deal includes:

  • Wall Charger
  • Ethernet Cable
  • International Plug Kit
  • RJ-11 -telephone cable (1.8m)
  • Battery Pack
  • Installation CD (including location -software & instruction manual) 

Bgan Airtime Plans 

As Bgan airtime plans vary dramatically Isatphone Direct offer a personally tailored option to suit your individual needs. 

These include pre paid options with no plans through to monthly agreed usage at reducing costs. 

So contact us today to discuss your individual requirements and let us assist you to get the right airtime for you.

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