Lite - Docking Station


. Slimline design 
. High quality ABS Plastic 
. Single action insertion mechanism 
. Insertion guides 
. Single button release 
. Key lockable 
. Universal mounting options 
. Robust GSPS / GPS antenna connection 
. Accessible control buttons 


. 10 – 32V DC Input 
. Optional 110/240V AC Plug pack 

Buttons On Dock .

. In-call mute
. Ring tone selection
. In-call volume up/down (for optional privacy handset) 

Accessing Voice Services 

. Bluetooth Accessory via handset
. Privacy Handset (Optional Accessory) 
. IsatPhone Pro Speaker (limited Volume) 

Other Key Features .

  Keeps phone always charged 
. Adjustable in-built ringer 
. Status LED with adjustable brightness 
. Includes universal RAM bracket 
. Voice & data support 
. 24 month warranty 
. Optional privacy handset 
Inmarsat Network IsatPhone Pro
GSPS Network

Power Specifications 
Average Power Consumption Current @ 12V 
Average Watts
Power w/o IsatPhone Pro 130mA  1.6W
Standby + Charging  360mA  4.3W
Transmit + Charging  875m  10.5W
Sleep Mode  A5mA 3.5A 
Peak Current  60mW 42W 
Physical Specifications 
Dimensions  9.1 x 3.3 x 3.2 (inches)

Weight - Dock 0.56kg 1.24 lbs
Total Kit weight 1.35kg 2.98lbs

Environment Specifications
Degrees °C
Operating Range  -30°C to +70°C
Storage  -35°C to +85°C 
Battery Charging Temp 0°C to +45°C
Humidity  <= 75% RH
Connectors / Interfaces 
Inmarsat Antenna  TNC-Female
GPS Antenna   SMA-Female
10-32 Volt DC   4-way microFit 
(AC/DC adaptor, or DC lead)
Privacy Handset Port  RJ9 connector
Configuration/Data Port  USB Micro 

Certifications Inmarsat 
CE Compliance 
Electrical Safety 
Industry Canada 
EMC compliance

Kit Contents IsatDock LITE 
User Manual 
Quick Start Guide 
10-32 DC Power Cable 
Universal Mounting Bracket (RAM) 
Handset locking Key 

Deal Includes

At Isatphone Direct Your Deal Includes
  • IsatDock LITE 
  • User Manual 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • 10-32 DC Power Cable 
  • Universal Mounting Bracket (RAM) 
  • Handset locking Key 

Beam Isatdock Lite

The Beam IsatDock LITE for Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Pro allows for a semi-permanent installation on a variety of applications where easy access to standard voice and data* services is required for land and sea applications.

The IsatDock LITE enables the IsatPhone Pro to be always on and ready to receive incoming calls, that can be answered via a Bluetooth accessory or the optional privacy handset. 

The IsatPhone Pro handset, fits securely in the dock which is also key lockable

Uses for the Isatphone Lite Docking Station 

. Commercial vehicles 
. Emergency vehicles 
. Buses / Trains 
. Farm house / remote community 
. In building 
. Remote offices / branches 
. Emergency Communications