QLD Floods Disaster Appeal

As our Satellite Community is currently in trouble throughout Queensland, NSW and now Victoria. Isatphonedirect and all our staff would like to help.

Firstly let us offer our condolences to those that have lost, family, friends and possessions. We are deeply sorry for your loss.

However this is Australia and we are unique in the way that we, as Australians brush ourselves off and meet the need together as a community.

We at Isatphonedirect.com.au would like to help. So with the launch of the all new isatphone pro satellite phone can now be purchased from only $797.00 +GST.

We will donate $100 to the Qld Floods Appeal for every Satelllite Phone sold in January and February. The government also offer an easy to get subsidy for the satellite phone and that could see this being able to be purchased for as little as $135 if an given 85% grant or $455 with a 50% grant approval.

With pre paid options now that mean no contracts the Isatphone pro is the obvious choice for a casual user. Pre paid cards last for 2 years.

It takes just 5 minutes to fill in and can be downloaded here.  CLICK HERE to download grant application. It takes just 5 minutes to fill in and then simply email it or fax to the Government dept on the cover sheet and explain you are in the floods and they will be prompt in approving it.

Please PRESS HERE to find out more about the istaphone pro and all its details

 --- Isatphone pro 2